Interagency Consultation Committee on Air Quality (IAC)

Interagency Consultation Committee Membership & Responsibilities

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The Interagency Consultation Committee (IAC) is responsible for advising the Transportation Policy Board (TPB) and other MPO Committees on air quality and emissions issues within the parts of the MPO jurisdiction designated as maintenance or non-attainment areas. The committee also provides guidance for the MPO on the conformity of plans and projects with national and statewide air quality standards.

The Chairperson of this Committee is the Memphis MPO Coordinator, and its membership includes Regional and Federal agencies whose jurisdictions are designated as a maintenance and or nonattainment area, and State and Federal representative(s) responsible for air quality control programs, the regional representative(s) of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA), and members of the Engineering and Technical Committee (ETC)Membership especially includes representatives from jurisdications with a designated particulate, carbon monoxide, ozone or nitrogen oxide maintenance or non-attainment air quality area as determined by the EPA.

For more information on Air Quality in the Memphis MPO Planning Area, please visit the Air Quality Webpage.



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