Houston Levee Corridor

Houston Levee Corridor
Houston Levee Corridor

Houston Levee is an important north-south arterial roadway in the eastern part of Shelby County. It begins South of US-Hwy 64 and extends to Shelby Drive in the southern part of the county.

The corridor has played a vital role in the growth of the eastern portion of the county, providing much needed access to the developments and residential areas. But, with the exponential growth that the eastern portion of Shelby County and Northeastern potion of Desoto County are experiencing, improvements to the existing roadway system are needed.

Currently, Houston Levee Road terminates at Shelby Drive in southern Shelby County, TN.  The lack of an additional adequate north-south arterial is inhibiting further development and will ultimately lead to increased congestion on nearby existing roadways.

The study will identify possible alternatives for the alignment of the Houston Levee Road from Shelby Drive in Shelby County, TN, to Goodman Road in Desoto County, MS.

Houston Levee Final Report

Houston Levee Final Report Appendix A and B 



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